Re-Vamped (2010)

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Eight broken-hearted women are brought to Camp Re-Vamp, where they learn to become a brave, sexy burlesque troupe. In this transformation series we see the women undergo challenges where they attempt to rebuild their self esteem in getting over their ex, as well as get trained, spruced and dressed into a kick-ass burlesque troupe with fun, flirty choreography. The women will showcase their new talents and confidence in a final performance in front of their unsuspecting exes. It will be one sweet revenge!

For season two, we wanted to keep focus on the women's journey's by keeping their daily looks simple - gifting each participant Reebok athletic wear for fitness training and Capezio gear for Burlesque class.

One of the season's highlights was styling the participants for a sexy pin-up photoshoot coached by the legendary model Stacey Mackenzie who champions the importance of owning your unique appearance.

Burlesque expert Kaitlyn Regehr helped each participant find suitable personas and choreographed routines they felt passionate about presenting. I collaborated with Kaitlyn on the practical requirements of each act, as well as worked very closely with each of the women to develop custom stage costumes that not only looked fabulous, but that would make them feel confident wearing (and taking off) on stage.

Anyone who's been on stage knows that there is always a lot of action backstage and in burlesque shows that means various stages of undress, so I gave them each a personalized silk robe to wear backstage.

Lights, camera, action - every ex in attendance was reminded of what an amazing woman they lost.

Costume Designer - Kristen O'Reilly

Assistant Costume Designer - Megan Oppenheimer

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