Holly Hobbie (2018)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Holly Hobbie was first introduced by American Greetings in 1967 and has become a very familiar icon. Translating such a recognizable image into a contemporary look was an exciting costume design challenge.

Holly’s look is pretty, yet practical with a youthful playfulness, her closet is full of crafted details and nostalgic prints in a contemporary style. Incorporating vintage Holly Hobby fabrics into patchwork on the back of her denim jacket and keeping her in signature brown leather lace up boots helps her new look maintain similarities with the iconic blue bonnet girl.

All three young leads, Holly, Amy and Piper have their own unique style to set them apart yet compliment each other when standing side by side. Holly’s look is romantic and dreamy, while Amy offers a relaxed cool style and Piper focuses on current fashion trends. The Hobbie family aesthetic is wholesome and relatable without being old-fashioned. Mom’s feminine corporate style, Dad’s practical rustic wear, Robbie's all-american prep, Heather’s no-fuss tomboy swag and Grandma’s rock’n’roll edge all give these characters an independent feel within the family dynamic.

Holly Hobbie's world looks like instagram, sounds like Taylor Swift and feels like a home-cooked meal.

Costume Designer | Kristen O'Reilly

Assistant Costume Designers | Anya Taraboulsy & Jennifer Snowsill

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